PD 18W USB C Charger

Did you pay attention to the Apple New Product Annoucement Conference ?

Apple released three new phones in the fall, namely iphone11, iphone 11 pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, the first mobile phone named Pro.

The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro max will come standard with a 18W fast charger, while the iPhone 11 requires the user to purchase a separate 18W or higher power charger.

There are already some fast charge products on the market. With the advent of the iPhone 11, the 18W fast charger will be more popular.

So, what is fast charge?
PD fast charge, which is the fast charging mode of USB-PD protocol. It uses TYPE-C as Output port, TYPE-C has support for forward and reverse insertion, faster transfer speed (up to 10GBPS)
More powerful power transmission (maximum power 100W) and other advantages. Iphone 8 and above models can support 18W PD fast charging.

What is the difference between 18W PD fast charge and 5V 1A?
The 5V1A charger can only charge the phone about 20% in the first half hour, while the PD charger can be charged to about 50%

Which models of the iPhone support PD fast charging?
Apple users of iphone 8 and above can make their mobile phones achieve PD fast charging.

Our company’s technology in fast charging is very mature, and it meets the market standards of the United States, Europe, and Australia. The fast charging specifications we can currently do at 18W-100W.

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