Top 10 True Wireless Earbuds 2020 In-ear Binaural HD Call

Top 10 True Wireless Earbuds 2020 In-ear Binaural HD Call

top 10 true wireless earbuds 2020, Binaural HD Call, CVC Noise Reduction and DSP Noise Reduction, Long Battery Life TWS earphones

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Bass heavy true wireless earbuds In-ear Binaural HD Call

Memory Loop Wireless Automatic Pairing:
After completing the initial and simple pairing setup, TWS Bluetooth earbuds will be ready to operate at your command.
You only need to open the charging box, the earbuds automatically boot and connects to the phone without having to pick up the earbuds.

Process Upgrade:
Space Aluminum Alloy
Material upgrade, made of aircraft-grade space aluminum alloy
Sandblasted surface for texture and value.

Switch between dual earphones at will, both sides are the main earphones:
Solve the cumbersome experience of switching between single and binaural true wireless headphones regardless of primary and secondary headphones
Pick up one to use, pick up a pair for stereo.

Dual Noise Reduction Technology:
CVC noise reduction-Intelligent noise reduction
DSP noise reduction-Digital signal processing

New intelligent noise reduction technology to reduce noise interference in all directions
Enjoy high quality stereo sound and enjoy the world of one’s music.

Long Battery Life:
Ultra Long Standby
Large Capacity Charging Case
Charging case with 800mAh capacity to continuously charge the earbuds for durability


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